Cleaning your home, chore or pleasure?

My mum and grandma are addicted to cleaning and I was brought up the same way, I could not leave my bedroom without making my bed and I was encouraged to participate in household chores such as cleaning, tidying up, washing up… In fact I spent more time inside the house with my mum than spending time with my dad outside in the garden or in the tool shed as most boys would…

Of course when you are a teenager, this does not sound very appealing but I didn’t mind. In fact, my favourite chore was vacuuming the whole house (and it still is), I find it very calming and rewarding at the same time, there is this feeling of achieving something when you vacuum the whole house! feel-good factor.

My grandma, who is now 85, can still be found from time to time on a stool or chair, looking for cobwebs, although it sounds pretty funny, we are quite worried that one day she will fall off and break something! Her house is absolutely spotless and I remember when I was younger to have to use either slippers on the wooden floors or these sliding pads (do you remember them?), it was like ice-skating on grandma’s flooring! actually, I am sure you can still find these on Ebay!!!

I have always liked clean and tidy homes, mess is just a no no for me! I used to go out with someone who was completely the opposite (you know who you are…!) 🙂 and it used to drive me mad, he used to come to my apartment and after he’d left, I would find some of my stuff completely out of the way, little trinkets and similar, I was fuming!!!! I wouldn’t say my long-time partner, M, is the tidiest person but I can cope… After 14 years, you just compromise, don’t you?

For me, cleaning is actually pleasurable in the sense of getting to that point where all rooms are completely spotless, no dust, no grime, I even try to avoid moving too much in the house to avoid the dust lifting again, obviously that wears off, am not that bad! And of course, with my beloved cat Fluffy in the apartment, it is pretty difficult to keep things too clean, she seems to know me too well! Most of the time, it is when I finish cleaning that she goes straight in her litter tray and get half of the litter out on the wooden floor… Cheers Fluffy!

Fluffy, relaxing…

I wonder if excess cleaning can be seen as an addiction? I think you find complete extremes in this world, so what is the right balance? do you clean your home every day? do you spend so much time cleaning your house that it affects your social or family life? The question is, when is it enough to stop cleaning?


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