Melting away…

I recently started using wax melts instead of candles and I just became obsessed with them. The scents are amazing and no more black marks on my ceiling!

I think wax melts are indeed very popular these days and there are so many you can find on the market, I personally started my collection with @fizzywhizuk, followed by @glamwaxuk, feel free to check these guys out on Instagram, they are so lovely and they will answer any questions you may have, they also offer some lovely fragrances, some unusual ones as well, like ‘unicorn fart’! Recently, I went to Grand Designs show in London and discovered @spry_candles, although they are more specialised in candles, they also have some lovely wax melts. And of course, a more popular brand is @yankeecandle, my personal favourite is sugared blossom!

Now, most of these are soy wax, which is a non toxic version as derived from natural vegetables, paraffin wax derived from Petroleum, coal or shale oil is more toxic in an enclosed environment like your home, especially if you have pets or children. Soy wax is also a vegan option, but to all vegans out there, just make sure you ask or read the ingredient list carefully before purchasing some wax melts as there may be some added beeswax, which of course is not vegan! it is also proven that soy wax burns for longer, so to me, this is a no brainer and it is soy wax all the way, especially when it comes to saving my ceilings from black marks!!!!

There are several ways to melt these lovely pieces of wax, they come in different shapes and forms but the result is the same. I am 100% for the ceramic ones with tea lights, I find them much better than electric ones for the simple reason that you don’t have a wire hanging at the back, which does not look very nice, I tried an Air Wick one recently and not impressed, I m sure there are nicer ones on the market but obviously there will still be a wire at the back, which I personally don’t like.

Ok, so my wax melt addiction has not stopped me to still have a few of my favourite candles around the house (I forgive them for my black ceilings….) The first one is @elemis Life elixirs candles, they come in various scents and are packed with essential oils, my favourite ones are CALM and SLEEP, I usually use these in the bath or in my bedroom a few hours before bed time. @diptyque OUD is a lovely scent but could be quite strong, it is more a winter candle for me and I have this in my home office. Last but not least, @jomalonelondon Vanilla and Anise, absolutely divine and looks amazing in my hallway!

I hope these will help you choose your next wax melts or candles, and don’t forget to support the smaller businesses like @glamwax and @fizzywhiz 😉

Have a fab weekend!


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