Artificial flowers in your home, new trend?

With the ease of travel nowadays, people can leave their home for a few days very easily but what happen to the house plants or flowers when you are not there?

Some people would rely on neighbours or friends of course, but sometimes, this is not an option, especially if you live in a big city where, unfortunately, you never have the chance to even see or meet your neighbours! without putting much emphasise on this subject which does not really relate to my blog, I find it so sad that these days, your next door neighbour hardly raise his/her head to say Hello! sad world, really…

Going back to artificial flowers, I used to hate them so badly, just because they reminded me of these cheap plastic things you would put on graves and it honestly did not appeal to me to have my home filled with graveyard flowers!

More recently, by looking at Instagram posts, Interior design magazines, you see some lovely photos of home decor with artificial flowers, bonsai and so on… so I thought to myself, actually Yohann why don’t you try and see how it looks in your own home? I have to say, they look great and my graveyard conception of artificial flowers is completely gone! in fact, I would have them everywhere if I could, but as I am trying to de-clutter, it may not be a good idea!

So, these lovely ‘faux flowers’ or as a matter of fact, plants, can be found literally anywhere at any price! Wilko tends to have a good choice as well as Ikea but if you browse on eBay, you can find a good selection too. They can range from £1 to £20, £30 or more depending on the style or size you want to choose. Mine did not cost very much, the Wilko ones are about £2.50 and look gorgeous, I love the sunflowers on my kitchen table, they give a bit of colour to the house in winter times, and look amazing when the sun shines through in the summer! The mini tree I have in my bathroom cost about €1.50 in Jumbo, Cyprus. If anyone knows about that store, you just never want to leave!!! it’s like an Ikea style store where you go round and round and you can find absolutely anything you want in there. When I go to Cyprus, I spend more time in that shop than going to the beach! 🙂

Of course, who can prevent dust on these lovely additions to your home? Tumble dryer sheets are the answer, Due to their texture, they grab dust better than a duster, so you can wipe your flowers or plants all over to give them a fresher look, why not adding a few sheets inside the vase or pot, every time you pass near them, you will get a wonderful scent. What I also do with mine is spray them with Zoflora (I have a homemade mixture of Zoflo and water in a mini spray bottle), and I spray them from time to time, that way your house smells clean and fresh, all the time, everywhere!

I would love to hear your comments and your home experience with artificial flowers, why not send some photos of your beautiful homes I can share on my blog? Don’t be shy, be proud of your homes, show them off 🙂

Y x

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