My First Class experience to Tokyo

When I was very young, I always told my parents that one day, I would travel the World… Well, I believe I have now been at least once on all continents either for business or pleasure.

I am very lucky to have a job that allows me to travel, although based in Europe these days, I used to travel to Asia a few years back and I absolutely loved it.

People always tend to comment on my travels, saying I am ever so lucky to see all these places, but when you go somewhere on business, you usually don’t see much of these places, the trip would consists in Airport, meeting room, Airport. At least, this is what happens with my European trips as it is so easy to go somewhere just for a day, leave early in the morning and come back late that same day.

As mentioned previously, I used to go however to Asia, and in this instance, I would go for 2 weeks in order to avoid going back and forth, not only this would have been costly but also very tiring indeed! That way I would have one or two weekends when I could explore whatever city I was in.

My Last Asian trip was to go and see a customer in Tokyo, Japan.

Before I get onto the main point of this blog, I would just like to comment on how lovely Japan is and I would highly recommend to anyone a visit to Japan at least once in their life to experience the wonders of this Far-East country. People are friendly, polite and would do anything to help you if you are lost, Although the language barrier can be an issue at times. With over 9 Million people, Tokyo is just a mesmerizing capital city, buzzing everywhere you look and so safe. Tokyo is probably the only city I have been to where I had no fear whatsoever. The Japanese culture is fascinating and I loved experimenting their food, from noodles to Tempura dishes, everything is nicely prepared and flavours just burst into your mouth. Now, If someone takes you to a typical Japanese restaurant, 2 things to remember… slurping on your noodles is perfectly acceptable and in fact recommended as they know that you are enjoying your food. Secondly, when you sit for more than one hour in a buddha position on a very low chair, it will take you some time to get up after you have eaten a full meal!!! and don’t forget to wear your best socks as you will have to take your shoes off before your lunch or supper.

Going back to my actual trip, I was meant to fly from London, destination Tokyo, via Dubai with, to my experience, the best airline I have ever flown with, EMIRATES. With work, I would normally be allowed to fly Business for all flights over 5 hours, so on this occasion, this rule definitely applied to my nearly 12 hour flight!

However, this experience changed completely, when I was upgraded to First Class, and trust me, EMIRATES First Class is something!

I was taken to my own cabin by one of the Cabin Crew, who mentioned that they would look after me for the duration of the flight, and they did just that! the service was beyond imagination. I was welcomed on board with a glass of DOM PERIGNON, surrounded by this amazing setting of flat screen TV, mini bar, basket of sweet and savoury treats and beauty products. I was in Heaven!

As soon as we were airborne, The flight attendant came to ask if I was comfortable and when I would want to take my shower… yes, ladies and gentleman, my first shower at 36,000 feet up in the air!!! Of course, she also topped me up with DOM PERIGNON…

The flight was ever so comfortable as you can imagine and when came lunch, I obviously chose to have caviar! why not? 🙂 I even had seconds… We arrived in Dubai where I had a good few hours to spare, I went to the Spa to have a back massage (included in your First Class experience…) and then went to the First class lounge to relax before the second leg of the journey Dubai-Tokyo.

The lounge was so cozy that I almost forgot to get on my flight… rushed to the gate where there was still quite a few people queuing to board, so I showed my ticket to one of the airport staff and to my horror, she screamed to everyone queuing that a First class passenger had to go through… OMG, I was petrified! you just cannot imagine the bad looks I had, at that moment two feelings crossed my mind, I felt like a proper celebrity and at the same time I wanted to hide!

so, I jumped on the coach that would take us to the aircraft, where I got pulled out straight away to be taken to a First class coach… with leather seating!!! once more, the looks I had were not the nicest… Eek!

The second leg of the journey was as amazing as the first and finally landed to Narita Airport. This 2 week business trip was another success and from Tokyo I flew to Guam, then Manila and home… Unfortunately, the First class upgrade did not happen on the inbound journey but I was pleased I experienced that once in my life, as I doubt it will ever happen again, mind you, you never know!

Have you ever had a fantastic travel experience? Have you ever felt you had the best customer service with airline staff? more importantly, which is your favourite airline? please comments below and share your experiences.

Y x

One Reply to “My First Class experience to Tokyo”

  1. Très beau commentaire et bien racontĂ© ton voyage en asie.c’est dans ce boulot tu as vu des choses et des pays formidable.tres belle expĂ©rience !!!!!!!


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