My Top 5 cleaning product recommendations

Mrs Hinch and Lynsey Queen of Clean have really boosted the cleaning products industry as well as helping many other small businesses along the way. Despite several people complaining that Sophie Hinchliffe and Lynsey Crombie get too many free stuff, remember that they have helped many small businesses out there that could not get a lift in sales! To me, these ladies are just amazing and they are very close to their Instagram followers. I salute them for their achievement.

Sophie and Lynsey have become the nation’s sweethearts, with more than 2.5M followers between them two, the Instagram Home and Cleaning community has increased dramatically, everyone seem to support each other by sharing tips and messaging one another for recommendations on where to find the best cleaning products (that are now difficult to find due to their popularity…), I myself joined this community as I actually do love cleaning and get so excited when buying cleaning or home products (And I am not ashamed to say it!) πŸ™‚

Today, I would like to share my own views/recommendations on some of the products that have recently become very popular:

1 – Scrub Daddy, The smiling scrubber! –

Scrub Daddy is a sponge that changes its texture depending on the water temperature, hard in cold water and soft in warm water, that way you can use it for various jobs in the house depending on the toughness of the job!

Scrub Daddy comes in various colours and the latest has a lemon fragrance… can’t wait to get hold of my lemon Scrub Daddy!!! Thanks to his eyes and mouth, you can access some areas of cleaning that you could not even reach before and remember that Scrub Daddy is scratch free so you can use it on so many areas of your house! remember however to always use on a small test surface first! To me, Scrub Daddy is a must-have in your kitchen, bathroom and in fact everywhere else in the house! πŸ™‚

2 – Elbow Grease, All Purpose Degreaser

Elbow Grease is formulated to remove grease and oil in all situations. It is ideal for removing grease spots from fabrics and porous materials, for removing grease from the kitchen surfaces and for cleaning oily surfaces such as engines and machinery.

This product can be found in most UK supermarkets, Amazon, B&M, The Range, Home Bargains… I use mine on windowsills, shower, kitchen, This is a very versatile product that you can use all around the house and with its degreasing properties, you will be able to remove some dirt and grime without much efforts!

A great product that I highly recommend, easy to use and you will see great results!

3 – Zoflora –

One of my personal favourite, I have a full collection and I get so excited when I see a new scent that is not yet in my cleaning cupboard!!! Zoflora is a powerful disinfectant that does not smell like your usual disinfectant… the scents are just divine and whatever area of your house you use it in, it just smells fresh and clean.

My favourite scents:

  • Country Garden
  • Summer Breeze
  • Honeysuckle & Jasmine
  • Bouquet
  • Hello Spring
  • Mountain Air

Click on the link above, Zoflora has a section on their website that gives you tips on where and how you can use Zoflora. It can be used diluted in water or on its own, as always, make sure to test the product on a small surface first and of course, read the back of the packet for Dos and Don’ts…

I could not recommend Zoflora more, and to me, it is way beyond a 10/10 rating! πŸ™‚

4 – Febreze –

Although this is not a cleaning product as such, this is definitely part of my cleaning routine and I like spraying it on my bed or on my cat’s bed, it’s perfectly fine to use on pet beds, just make sure it’s dry before your pet goes back in for a little snooze! πŸ˜‰

There are many other ways to use Febreze, if you have artificial flowers, dust them with a tumble dryer sheet (I love Lenor), and then spray them with your favourite Febreze scent!

Perfect on fabric sofas, curtains, cushions… as always, test on a small surface first and read the product instructions.

Another one of my favourite products, highly recommended if you don’t use it already!

5 – Method Anti-Bac kitchen cleaner –

I recently discovered the Method range and I have purchased a couple of products from the range, one of which being the Sunny Citrus Anti-bacterial kitchen cleaner, quite a quirky brand with funny comments on the bottle, that is by the way made of 100% recycled plastic and easily recyclable! More importantly their products are certified cruelty free.

The Anti-bacterial cleaner is very fresh in scent and it is recommended to leave for a few minutes before wiping it off with a damp cloth. Method cleaners are made from biodegradable ingredients too! Method believe that products that we use in our daily routine should be as friendly as possible to our planet as well as all the people in your household, including your furry friends! They are truly the Eco-friendly cleaning products brand!

The scents are gorgeous, it’s Eco-friendly, cruelty free and the bottles are made from recycled plastic… to me, Method products are winners all the way!

Look at that shine on my TV stand… Using Method Multi-surface cleaner

Please make sure to always try any of the products on a small surface first, some materials are very delicate and we don’t want any upset by damaging our expensive furniture or curtains! πŸ™‚ Always read the label before use!

I do hope this Top 5 recommendation has been useful to you and do not hesitate to ask me any questions or please send me your comments below.

Y x

2 Replies to “My Top 5 cleaning product recommendations”

    1. Hi Sarah, to be honest I tend to stay clear from any window cleaner products as no matter what, you always get streaks on your windows! I tend to use a little bit of white vinegar, diluted in water and put the mixture in a spray bottle. Wipe with a good window cloth such as Minky or e-cloth πŸ˜‰


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