FOREVER Aloe Vera product review

Apologies guys, I have not posted for a while, work commitments, travel and usual busy life did not give me enough time to pay too much attention to my blog!

Summer is nearly here and if you spend time at home in your garden or on holiday, you should not forget to protect yourself from the sun that can have irreversible damage on your skin. Through my Instagram @frenchy_home_and_lifestyle, I have recently been contacted by one of my followers and a lovely lady called Elena Tagliaferri @Elena.tagliaferri.39 who represents the company FOREVER, asked if I wanted to try some of her new products with their prime ingredient being ALOE VERA.

I am always willing to try new products and if you gift me beauty or cleaning products, do not worry, I will try them all and tell you exactly what I think of it 🙂

ALOE VERA is well known for its medicinal properties and has been used for years to heal people. This plant usually grows in tropical climates and can be used as a sun protection and sunburn healer.

Elena kindly gifted me with 2 of FOREVER newest products, The High Protection ALOE Sunscreen and the FOREVER Sun Lips ALOE cooling protection. 2 x amazing products that can be purchased through the FOREVER website (link at the bottom of the page)


1- ALOE Sunscreen protects you from UVA and UVB rays. Most people know that a decent sunscreen protects you from Ultraviolet rays but not every sunscreen on the market protects you from UVA and UVB

2- ALOE Sunscreen is water resistant , its high-quality formula boasts water resistance for up to 80mn, however wether you get wet from the sea, the pool or by sweating, always remember to re-apply your sunscreen every couple of hours.

3- ALOE VERA is a beautiful skincare ingredient that soothes the skin, locks in moisture and provides natural hydration. ALOE carries a PH of 5.5, the same as balanced skin, that is why it is the perfect complement in any skincare product.

4- FOREVER LIVING only uses pure inner leaf Aloe Vera gel extracted from plants that have been cultivated on its own plantations. Aloe Barbadensis Miller is the species of Aloe considered to contain the most benefits to humans and animals, and this nis the species grown and nurtured by FOREVER.

5- ALOE Sunscreen is a cruelty-free, Vegan-friendly mineral sunscreen that’s LEAPING BUNNY certified.

6- ALOE Sunscreen also contains non-nanosized Zinc.

With the little sun we recently had in the UK, I managed to try this cream on. The first thing I look for in a sun cream is its oiliness and stickiness, I just cannot bear a cream that leaves you all sticky, especially when you are on a beach full of sand! Well I have to say, this cream is just amazing, gets into the skin straight away and does not leave any oily residue. My skin felt nice and smooth as well as protected. I would highly recommend the FOREVER Sunscreen.


Another great FOREVER product, I have used lots of lip balms in my life and it’s always difficult to find the right one. One that can leave your lips supple and smooth but also hydrated and protected.

Once again with the Aloe as well as Beeswax, you cannot be disappointed as this lip balm gives you exactly what you need.

Th Aloe cooling effect as well as the minty, tingly sensation makes me feel that I have the right protection on, including an SPF 30 and water resistant (up to 80mn).

The balm can be used for the beach or if you love skiing, this lip balm will protect you from the harsh, cold mountain weather.

So, are you ready for the holiday season? are you ready for the sun, are you ready for that summer glow? don’t forget to protect your skin! please note that during the month of June, you have a special offer and you can get these two wonderful products for only £20! an absolute bargain for such fantastic, high quality products! They can be purchased directly on the website

Happy summer, happy sunbathing!

Y x

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