Mobile phones: Friend or Foe?

I still remember the days with no mobile phones and looking back, we were managing just fine without them, but could we now?

A few mobile phone facts:

  • The first ever call from a mobile phone was made on April 3rd 1973… Indeed, ladies and gents… and it was Martin Cooper who made that call, an engineer of Motorola!
  • The first Smartphone dates from 1997
  • no longer in need of a watch or an alarm clock… your phone is doing all this for you! and what about those gigantic phone books we used to receive, taking lots of space in your cupboards… well, now you can do a search on your phone, how easy and practical is that?
  • Now, there is a mobile phone addiction and it’s called nomophobia
  • A study discovered that we check our mobile phones about 150 times a day on average… it seems a lot, doesn’t it?
  • There are more mobile phones than people in the World!!!
  • Mobile phones contain more bacteria than a toilet flush… Yuk!
  • There is a mobile phone out in space… it is a Google Nexus, launched into space in 2013 by researchers from the University of Surrey (UK), to check the resistance of its components…

Who are the mobile phone leaders?

For me, just by looking around, APPLE and SAMSUNG are pretty much everywhere, although I recently seen quite a few HUAWEI around.

So, if we are looking at numbers, we can be quite surprised that in fact HUAWEI beats APPLE… I am an APPLE fan and I was shocked to read the below results:

2018 mobile phone shipment:

1- SAMSUNG 71.5M

2- HUAWEI 54.2M

3- APPLE 41.3M

The World’s best smartphones 2019… TOP 5!

1- SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9 – That’s the winner for best Smartphone overall!

2- HUAWEI P20 Pro – The runner up

3- APPLE iPhone XS Max

4- APPLE iPhone 8 Plus

5- SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 8

Everything looks so exciting and who could live without a mobile phone these days? be honest and if you could, I would be pleased to hear from you and why, please comment below 🙂

I personally could not, and this is where it comes to the question, is your mobile phone a friend or a foe? we all see the big advantages of owning a mobile phone but there are other reasons why a mobile phone is not as nice as we think it is… here are a few cons I have listed to show how a mobile phone can have negative effects, not only on your health but with your social life…

Cons of mobile phones

  • Can be quite expensive
  • Heightened level of danger (less aware of your surroundings, text and drive…)
  • More E-waste
  • Distraction (as per above)
  • Too much convenience… does it make life too easy?
  • Addiction
  • Sex exploitation…
  • Increased cheating at school…

Pros of mobile phones

  • High level of portability
  • Easy access to the web and info/news
  • Makes communication easier, especially between parent and child
  • Tracking capabilities
  • Rescue for emergencies – mobile phones have indeed saved many lives
  • quickness and convenience of taking pictures…

Although there is a cost to it (and sometimes quite high…), it seems like everyone is able to own a mobile phones, companies these days offer great deals with affordable packages where people can have as an example unlimited minutes, unlimited texts as well as free data that could range from a few mb to gb… depending on how much you use. My current deal on data is 15GB and I sometimes run out, oops!

When you want to upgrade, there are also a few options companies do offer, as an example, I am with O2 and they would take your old phone back and recycle, and depending on the condition of your phone, I managed at time to get over £200, giving me the opportunity of a better upgrade, knowing that I would have that extra cash for it.

Some other companies would offer a similar service to sell, recycle or trade in your old phone, MAZUMA is one of them but you also have a good British company called RAPID PHONE BUYER that offers a really good service if you are in a rush to upgrade your existing phone and want a bit of cash towards it…

I now leave you to decide, is your cell phone your friend… or your enemy? 🙂

Y x

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