Miss Rachel Holland Luxury Home Fragrances

Once in a while, being a blogger can be quite beneficial, if you get spotted by wonderful brands, you do get to test and enjoy their products and be able to share this with all your followers.

I was lucky enough to be picked as a Brand Rep for Miss Rachel Holland’s luxury Home fragrances, based in Maldon, Essex

Quite by chance, Rachel was looking for Brand reps and someone put me forward, and when I saw the tag, I thought to myself, what a wonderful idea! I looked at Rachel’s page and really fell in love with what she had on offer, all these gorgeous products are so me!!!

Then I completely forgot the date the results were on and Rachel started doing a story, naming all Reps, one by one… I think I was number 3 and I saw the tag, when I realized Rachel was talking about me, I was ecstatic! I was one of her reps, yeah!!!

It is quite funny, as everyone knows me now as Frenchy and it is so strange that most of my followers don’t even know my real name, I have been reborn as Frenchy, which is quite funny really and this is how Rachel referred me as… Her Little Frenchy, male hincher! πŸ˜‰

I really enjoy my Insta page and beside work, it gives me a focus. Some people would say I have nothing else to do or it’s sad, boring… but I would say that we all have something that makes us happy in life, my Insta page just does that… not that I am not happy generally, I am usually quite a friendly and funny guy when I want to… but since I’ve started my page based on cleaning/ product reviews a couple of months ago, I have ‘met’ some wonderful people who are all here for a different purpose and the #cleanfluencers community is a pretty cool and happy bunch!

I am approaching 2.5k followers which is pretty incredible, I am miles away from the 2.5 Million of Mrs Hinch, but this is not my goal, I just want to make people happy by recommending or showing products, (and sometimes do a little cleaning happy dance…) πŸ™‚

Of course (and most people would lie if they say the number of followers is not important), everyone likes seeing their numbers grow, in the cleaning community however, this is not a competition, we all support each other and in fact would encourage some of our own followers to support a page about to reach a big number. Recently @misshendyhome was approaching the 10k followers and the amount of support Shelly had to reach her 10k was amazing, I am so glad she did it, she is a wonderful and brave lady who highly deserve it, she worked hard for it.

Going back to Miss Rachel Holland, Hi Rachel…! πŸ™‚

I received my first Brand rep parcel a few weeks ago now and it was like Christmas… candle, wax melts (Hi there, I am Frenchy and I am a wax melt addict!), Reed diffuser… you name it! I was in Heaven!

Discovering these wonderful products was really something, wonderful scents with luxurious packaging and so much detail! The ribbons, and Rachel’s signature rose bud that she adds to her wax melts… it’s divine! all wax melts and candles are also 100% natural soy wax and all the products are hand poured in Maldon, Essex!

So what’s in Rachel’s range and what can you buy?

Miss Rachel Holland
  • Luxury wax melts collection (highly scented wax melts)
  • Raindrop candles (love the jar, so beautiful)
  • Botanical candle collection (beautiful and highly scented candles)
  • Reed diffuser collection (the little ribbon makes all the difference!)
  • Car diffuser collection (You can travel with Rachel every day!)
  • Plug-in collection (just plug it and enjoy)
  • Room spray collection (to add that little extra luxury in your whole home)
  • Last but not least, Rachel’s new Pretty in Pink Zoflo collection (A must have!)

So here it is, luxury home fragrances at affordable price and if you want to know more about each products, please visit Rachel’s website https://www.missrachelholland.co.uk/

You can also use my Rep code: FRENCHYHOME10 for 10% off all your orders!

Happy shopping… and if you want to join my Insta page, find me @frenchy_home_and_lifestyle / Hashtag #frenchyhomeuk

Y x

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